Euch » Hey Amy. The dress looks quite nice too bad it still hasn't helped w/ her mind. Ah well See ya Later.
Amy » *HUGS VAL!*
Valdar » I'm tired of excuses, I miss you both and demand to see ya. *hugs*
ryan » i play zelda twilight princess
Euch » Cool Thanks. was gonna jump on tonite to pay some for upkeep. I will continue to monitor things just in case. If ur on and want to play some dont be afraid to tell me if I'm on. add Eomon to Friends.
Amy » Don't worry about it, Euch. I've been popping in to check on his house too. He's good through mid-March now.
Euch » Amy Can you do me a favor I'm prolly going to give permission for up keep to Penumbra Kin for Lukes house. I'm getting to the point where I'd like my own house. Let Luke know this for me.
Euch » Sure thing I miss playin w/ you and luke. It will prolly bge better since Im now in the early 30's w/ Eomon (Burg) and Hallace (Minst) and Boren(Hnt) is 26. Take Care and GL.
Amy » hehe no worries Euch! Glad to hear from you. I'll be popping into LOTRO from time to time, so keep me on your friend list.
Euch » sorry bout double post was at work and our work comps do strange things at times.
Euch » Hiyas Amy. Miss you and Luke in LOTRO. Glad ur still having fun in GW. Take Care and GL.
Euch » Hiyas Amy. Just thought I'd say hello. Miss u and Luke in LOTRO .Gald to see ur still enjoyin urselves in GW.Take Care and GL
Amy » *stitches Della an eye-patch from exceptional leather*
Adelas » *pokes self in eye for not scrolling your site before posting*. never mind.
Adelas » Does DOG have a website?
Lucilla » Hope all is well, miss you =)
Amy » I'll be looking for ya!
Adelas » whoops. i hate sticky submit buttons.
Adelas » Hey Amy, just got your PM on the forum. Don't forget to addfriend us.
Adelas » Hey Amy, just got your PM on the forum. Don't forget to addfriend us.
Amy » LOL! Rach & Phuc, come play some GW or LOTRO with us. We're never bored!
rach and phuc » just droppin in to say hi and that u guys should come back to lin its so boring now!
Rach » Hi guys! Long time no see!
Amy » Email me the Chingoo vent pw and Luke & I will pop on from time to time.
Amy » Hiya, Giai! I'm so glad you came by and said hello. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted your text (/doh!). I'm such a tech idiot! LOL. *hugs*
Tzuul » Cool match reports!
Amy » *waves* Hi Destion! Glad you stopped by. I'm loving LOTRO & I really enjoy being able to check in on you guys at the Ring of Destiny Site.
Destion » Hello Sonnet, wow, This site is awesome. You were always the greatest scribe and leader. Just thought i would drop by and say hello.
Euch » Nice pics Amy keep on posting the pics and such since I am no longer w/ you in LOTRO. Well got to go. Hope to see ya in the old GW world. Take care and GL.
Amy » hiya Hes! I was so thrilled to see y'all's post on the forums. I decided to play on Elindilmir with Borlek, so I probably won't see you in game, but I'm sure I'll see some Kismet folks on the forums.
Hesrai » about a blast from the past. Hiya Sonnet. Hoping to see you in LOTRO!
Tzuul » I really enjoy AB as well, it's PvP, but in a less pressured environment. I also love the 1v1 fights and rivalries that you can get into during the battle.
Eili » Heya Amy, very nice blog! Keep going on pls, enjoyed every screenie
Tzuul » You're doing great Amy! The dynamics and learning involved in PvP is part of all the fun.
Amy » Updated the sidebar today with a link to Seyon's Blog, LFGwen. Check it out!!
Amy » Thanks, Belle! You and Tzuul might make a decent pvp player out of me yet. It is definitely addictive!
Belle » Love the Winterdays shots. Not because I am in one, but they look so cool with all the elves The run for fame gets very addictive...luv the blog!
Tzuul » Busy indeed! Yay for winning in Heroes Ascent!
Amy » Hi, Meaner! Great to hear from you.
Meaner » Chingoo for life
Meaner » Wow its been awhile Hi all of u im in WOW land hope u guys had a great holiday and gratz on that Bday earnhardt well if u guys play wow my email is meanrt2001@yahoo say hi once and awhile take care
Amy » Thanks, Tzuul. Nighfall is my absolute favorite GW chapter, yet. The humorous touches, the beautiful scenery, and the variety of different missions keep me hooked even after "finishing" the story.
Tzuul » Congrats to all of you on finishing the game!
Amy » Sorry about the slowdown in posting. It's 'soccer mom' season and when I can get on line I am usually ingame, but I'll try to get something up soon. Thanks for visiting, though!
Impatient@Work » <chants>Update! Update!Update! Please
Tzuul » The Nightfall preview was cool, although I only got to play a few hours of it. I really like the new motiffs and how ANET incorporates multiple cultural sources into the new chapters.
Tzuul » Really nice pics Amy! The one with the caption about Sonnet having too much wine is hilarious.
Tzuul » That's a great shot of Kaitrin using her Devastating Hammer attack on the necro!
Amy » Glad you stopped by, Tzuul! I really appreciate you and all the Tor including this PvP nooblett. I've been having a wonderful time!
Tzuul » Yay! I think it worked! Great site you have here with all the pictures, links, and information! I'm especially honored that you mention Tor.
Tzuul » Hi Amy! I'm not sure exactly how this thing works, so I guess it's kind of a 'test post'.
Amy » (shameless guild recruitment plug LOL)
Amy » I like Factions better. There are more options in both PVE and PVP. Plus, the storyline content is richer. Being in a guild also makes the game more fun. If you aren't already in one, check out DOG.
Veldren » i only got the first on cause i wanted to see if its good, but its getting boring fast lol, i might not buy the other version factions...
Amy » lol yeah, it is different from most games where the leveling is everything. I enjoy doing quests, exploring the game environment, and trying out different PvP builds. Which game version do you have?
Veldren » i hit lv20 and i'm a W/Mo, i still don't get the point of this game after lv20...what do u do after??
Amy » Hiya, Veld! We'll put you on our buddy list and look for you in game!
Amy » Thanks, Lurker! I do love the PVE side of GW and hope to serve the guild well.
Amy » We miss you too, Blue. I know you'd enjoy GW, but I also know how proud you are of that con elf! Hard to leave him behind and start something new.
bluemeanie » miss you both, maybe some day i will come and join you on GW
Guildie Lurking » Congrats on the officer position, Amy.
Amy » Edited the sidebar to include links to Allied Guilds and some hilarious Guild Wars comics. Enjoy!
Nienna » Wow, Amy love your site!
Amy » lol! ty
halla » wow.. you two are sexy in 3d.. hehe
Amy » I fixed the link to our guild forums below. Surf on by and meet the rest of the DOG pack.
Amy » is the address for our new forums.
Amy » I know. they moved it to a "faster" server, but now it is crashed. For the time being we are gonna be posting on the DOG World of Warcraft forums (
Amy » I still haven't registered there myself, either...been busy with ball games three times a week and work and awards ceremonies and so forth. *sigh* I'll be glad when school is out for summer!
Thad » Hey guys thought I'd check out how things were but link to your guild isnt workin talk to yall soon luv ya
eric » lineage cuz i got a suprise for u guys o.o
eric » o.o amyyyyyyyyyyy i heard about ur lil thingy aout u all getting sick from thad he say ur all ok now and thats good hope u all get better over there hugs all cant wati till u guys come back to
Amy » Hey, Dave! WoW looks like fun, but GW fits my play style SO well. BTW, do y'all have a blog/website I can lurk on and see your exploits?
eric/envdis » amy im still having troble on the chingoo site with pics did it change cuz im confused now and i got it b4 dun know y
Fangar aka Dave » Heya from an old friend! Glad you are doing well Amy, it's a shame you didn't make the right choice and come to WoW. =)
Amy » lol like anyone could forget you Eric! *hugs* Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The tag board looked so empty, I'd actually considered putting some "seed" comments from imaginary people.
eric/envdis » hello mommy sup luke this is eric if u remember me from lineage... its good to see u r having fun enjoying the blog gl in gw