Monday, October 01, 2007
A month of hobbits, elves, and men. . .OH MY!


Wow! I haven't posted anything in a month! Sorry y'all.  I've been busy both in game and in RL. In RL our group has been in the studio cutting our first CD (acoustic country folk/Americana type music), and in game...well, I'll let all these screenshots I've taken this last month tell the story.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right.




I love the night sky in LOTRO and the water graphics are so pretty. The only complaint I have in LOTRO are the gold spammers.  Sometimes I'll get 4 or more of these annoying tells in an hour of play.  They are always irritating, but occasionally, they can be funny; like this one:

Why, thank you, Daller, for caring so much about my 'diffculties'. NOT! May your IP be banned and your .com go bust!! muahahaha

Happy gaming, everyone!! 

Posted at 10:45 am by Luke-Amy

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Gwen is all grown up!

We picked up our copies of GW:EN today.  /cheer

(Now I'm going to be really torn between GW and LOTRO hehe)

Posted at 08:11 pm by Luke-Amy

Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Summer fun

No screenshots today.  I had a bunch and deleted them all today cleaning up my computer.  Luke and I left Mithril Crowns this week and I just didn't feel right posting photos of us with the tag.  Way too much drama for us there. I guess that is what happens in big kinships. *shrug*

I haven't been gaming much lately, actually.   My brother and nephews are down for the summer and we've been letting our children enjoy as much time as they can together. Too many trips to the beach and the river with the kids to allow for much computer time.

We'll post more when we can.

Have fun!!

Posted at 10:42 am by Luke-Amy

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Fun Fellowships

Here we are hobnobbing with celebrities again, though to be honest, I'd really like to hit Legolas with something heavy so he'll quit running in and agro'ing everything! He's worse than Prince Rurik!!

Last night Amythest finally made level 25 and finished Book 2 with the help of some wonderful kinsmen.  The poor girl has been so neglected since I made Amylase. 

Fabulous flying bears! No, it's not magic; just funny game glitches

Santa, I'd like a +200 Will +200 Fate Robe with uber AC, please.  Oh, wait! That's just Winterrose!!

Still having fun in Arda.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Happy Gaming, y'all!!

Posted at 02:21 pm by Luke-Amy

Monday, July 16, 2007
I love you guys!

Three cheers for Seyon, Wolf, and Bunter, DOG's very own Legendary Guardians.

It's a Three DOG Night! I love you guys!!! *hug*


Posted at 11:31 am by Luke-Amy

Monday, July 02, 2007
Personal Pony on the horizon

Lukewise and Amylase are racing to thirty-five (oh who'm I kidding...Luke is way in the lead - he plays while I'm still perusing forums and cropping screen shots hehe!). Not that levels really matter too much, but that holy grail, the personal mount, awaits us just around the corner.  Joy! Here are some Lukewise and Amylase shots, along with one of our new champions Lukeosi and Amyrillis.

Questing in the Lonelands with Lester, Cathal, and Sandoval.

I couldn't do anything while holding that statue, so of course, I took pictures!

Our Dwarven Champions, in matching armor crafted by Amylase.

Can you guess which one is the girl dwarf?

Some scenes from Nan Amlug in the North Downs



Farming and climbing

Farming is a very relaxing activity in  LotRO.  Some find it so relaxing they fall asleep. LOL! I enjoy sowing and reaping when Luke isn't online. The crops are shipped to Amythest (our stone polisher, cook, and part-time Loremistress) who turns out some tasty Beef and Kidney pies to keep Lukewise and Amylase in top form in their adventures.

Speaking of "top" form.  Below are some shots of Lukewise in his usual position -- on top of something!! Anyone have any good ideas for a surname for him?  I've contemplated such names as Leapfoot and Tophill, but none seem to fit just right.



That's all for now. Luke is running around in Nan Amlug without me already! Take care, and maybe next time the pictures will show us astride our own ponies (as opposed to the rent-a-mounts below).

Happy Gaming!

Posted at 06:24 pm by Luke-Amy

Friday, June 15, 2007
Just another day in Arda


It's another day in Arda, and I have come to the conclusion that Luke's favorite ability in LOTRO is jumping.  Every time I turn around he is up on top of something. Though, you can't tell, we are up on a wall in Bree in the picture above. He even enjoys jumping down from things. I've been trying to think up the perfect surname for him, one that really expresses this mountain goatish side of him that I've never seen in a game before. hehe! Good thing GWII is going to have the Jump ability.

Following my goatfooted husband up a mountain, we discovered an abandoned beacon in Kingsfell.

One of my favorite updates this week was the addition of a Music folder into which I can save .abc files to play in game. Apparently lots of other musicians are enjoying this perk as well.  One AFK loremaster, set himself to playing atop the boar fountain in Bree, apparently giving his bear instructions to pick up the tips.




One thing I do miss from Guild Wars is the sense of satisfaction you get when you've cleared all the evil beasties from an instance.  No chance of earning a Vanquisher title for saving the people in Arda. It's the conundrum of all mmorpgs - role playing v/s playability.  Thousands of individuals all being the hero of the story at the same time in the same place or instances that allow the player to immerse herself into the storyline. No matter what game makers do, it all comes down to how much we are willing to suspend disbelief. 

Sometimes, it's just fun to tease the role player inside ourselves. . .

When I saw this guy, I just had to laugh (and take a screenshot, of course)

That's all for now! I'm off to download some .abc files for Amylase to pluck out on her harp.  Happy gaming!!

Posted at 01:52 pm by Luke-Amy

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Amylase and Lukewise are 20

Luke used my Buddy Key for 10 days and we've had so much fun exploring Arda together as food loving, abnormally adventurous hobbits (guess we have some Tookish or Brandybuck blood in our ancestry somewhere)!  Our minstrel, Amylase, and Guardian, Lukewise, reached level 20 exploring Breeland and the Lone-Lands this week.  Luke even did some extended exploring after I went to sleep the other night and wandered all the way to Rivendell following nodes of ore and dodging creatures WAY above his level!! He exchanged hellos with Merry and Boromir (but didn't take any screen shots!!) and mapped back to Bree. I have some pictures from our adventures, though (just a couple).


His permanent copy of the game should arrive today or tomorrow. Smile


Posted at 10:10 am by Luke-Amy

Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic

So funny!

Posted at 10:54 am by Luke-Amy

Sunday, June 03, 2007
The Lone Lands





In Guild Wars news: Tonight is GvG with the Torrencians! Tomorrow night DOG Scrimmage, Tuesday night SOF GvG, and DOG GvG on Wednesday. Woot!!

Whew, hard to find time to post anything with so much fun stuff going on.  School's out for Summer, and Momma's having fun. hehe!

Happy Gaming!!

Posted at 11:06 am by Luke-Amy

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