Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Summer Ramblings

It is super hot down here in Florida, which means we're staying inside where there is air conditioning as much as possible!   Here are the results of all this time inside...

So, I was feeling all proud of Amyrillis' new mount when I get together with Pyr & Lill to work on some Moria quests...



Amylase was entertaining the dwarves around Anazarmekhem, when I noticed the fine workmanship of her harp.  Lukewise did a lovely job (and so did the LOTRO devs).







Amylase feels so safe and sound with her strong, handsome Lukewise by her side. He isn't afraid of anything. His small hobbit size belies his fierce guardian spirit. There are times, however, when our little minstrel has to face the evil of Sauron on her own.



I hate solo!







In Hobbiton, it's time for LITHE FEST!!

The calendar used by the Hobbits of the Shire divides the year into twelve months which are of equal length: every month in the Hobbit year has exactly thirty days. This totals only 360 days, so the left-over five or six additional days in each year are invested in a pair of festivals, one at each solstice.  Yesterday began this year's Lithe festivities at the Party Tree north of Hobbiton.

"Lukewise, I don't wanna kill anymore orcs.  I  just wanna go to the Lithe festival party. Pleeeeeeeeeese."

Who could say no to a face like this?! 









One of the summer festival games includes fishing in Thorin's Hall, Celondim, Bree-land, and Bywater. Well, that's right up Amyranth's alley!



With all the new crafting items and festival games, it's almost easy to forget that yesterday also marked the unveiling of Book 8 (and here I am  with Amylase still stuck on Book 5)!   I guess there will be plenty of time to get around to those quests after the Lithefest is over...

Happy Gaming!!

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