Tuesday, April 21, 2009
A day in the life of a lady rogue scholar

Amyrillis watches from the ruins of Dol Nendir in the North Downs, as the moon fades before the glory of the rising sun.

The sun peeks through the clouds above the hilltop beacon in western Nan Amlug.

Storm clouds roll in over Othrikar as we run to turn in another round of quests.

Dusk falls in the Kingsfell


 Amyrillis doing a bit of heavy lifting while Lukerandir keeps the beasts at bay.


It was a great day to play! When I logged in I saw these buffs on my burglar. I recognized the "blue map" above, but this other one was a very pleasant surprise! 


I've never played in the Ettenmoors, but I am so grateful to those who keep the minions of Sauron at bay and make my PvE experience even more enjoyable!

So ends another day levelling my little burglar (now if I could just log onto the game and work on her some more before Luke gets home from work.)

Wink (another can't-play-so-time-to-clean-out-my-screenshots update brought to y'all, compliments to Turbine's frequently extended downtimes)

Posted at 01:36 pm by Luke-Amy

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