Sunday, February 22, 2009
Amylase is 60!

I know some people thought it was impossible (some might even have thought we dropped off the face of the planet), but yes, somehow in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of daily life my little minstrel has finally reached the level cap. Amylase is 60.  Some of her traits still need work and I need to send her into some instances to get her radiant armor, but the li'l hobbit has finally arrived in spite of it all.

We are both loving the Mines of Moria expansion.  Of course, Luke has had his hunter to 60 for a while.  His champion and guardian are 59 and 58. 

Here are some pics I've had sitting in my computer for the last couple months. I hope to have more screenies of my minstrel next time.  She makes sixty and the only pic I have of her is on the back of a goat! I ought to be ashamed. *hangs head*



 Yes, Amyranth does all the fishing, farming, and cooking so the rest of my characters can traipse all over Arda saving the world.  She is the proverbial little red hen.


 All travel (other than foot traffic) inside the mines of Moria is by goat. Though, I have to say it looks like a strange hybrid llama-yak-goat!  I love the little lantern it has hanging in the back. hehehe!



 Above are Luke's ranger, Lukerandir, and his champion, Lukeosi.  Check out that battle mask on his dwarf.  That should strike fear in the hearts of the goblins and orcs of Moria!

And last but not least is a beautiful scene from outside my new house in the Shire.    I moved to a deluxe house at 4 Wending Way in the Shire homesteads.  I always wanted a little hobbit hole, and this one has a dock right outside the door for Amyranth to do all her fishing!   YAY!!

Happy Gaming!

Posted at 04:06 pm by Luke-Amy

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