Sunday, January 27, 2008
I'm ba-aaaack

I'm not sure if anyone else ever comes to visit, but I've started gaming a bit again lately.  Luke and I are pushing our characters through GW:EN. His LOTRO account has lapsed, so he's been playing GW for a while now. His warrior and necro have both finished the game, while I was busy with my music.

Check out his Asuran shades.  Makes his warrior look like the hitman. hehe!


I monked for Luke and Bunter as they took their assassins through the story line.  They are so cute! Check them out; they look like sisters (of course all you can see is their hair and eyes).

They kept me on my toes, especially when they had their Ursan blessing running.  It's worse than a warrior trying to keep from losing his adrenaline! Check out how far away I was from those two killing Char. LOL! Yep, they are somewhere in all that glowing fire and lights. :)

I had forgotten how beautiful Guild Wars is.  Going from LOTRO to GW is like looking at a comic book and then picking up a book of paintings.  Both are good in their own way, but everything in GW is so detailed.  I wish my hobbit's world was as well drawn as my monk's home. Ah well, as long as we're all having fun, it doesn't really matter in the end.

    Happy gaming! 


Posted at 08:17 pm by Luke-Amy

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